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You enter the Chronous house, looking around you see many unfamiliar faces, a voice catches your attention "greetings, and welcome my friend." you turn, and there stands Seraphin, one of the two leaders "enjoy your glance about my friend, you have no enemies here." He smiles and walks past and stands by the other leader Lucefer and begins conversing.


Basic info:Chronous is a serious RP Legion, but we are not harsh for simple mistakes.

We try to include RP in as much and possible and are ever willing to help lower level people.

we are small but recruiting, and we do not tolerate foolish behavior.

A little Basic History about Chronous:
Chronous as created when the Balaur were first beginning to turn. They are in none of the history books, because the do not, Technically, exist.
Chronous main purpose is to protect ALL of atriea from the balaur, that includes the elyous side. Though not all of the members agree to it they all feel a pull to protect the people of Pandemonium.
Chronous wishes to achieve peace, by any mean necessary, for example the kinah gathered by our Shadow Cloaked Assassin is from the black market and shugos, yet our Light Hearted Chanter gathes kinah through the broker.
(i'm doing this on the school com, so sorry for any mistakes, trying to fix them.)
Guild News


Seraphin Shadowmoon, Aug 22, 11 10:07 AM.
The recrutment has started, let us pray for good results.


Seraphin Shadowmoon, Aug 21, 11 8:22 PM.
i will admit to all you join and are looking, i am new to this and only hope that this can be a good legion, all help is appreciated!
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